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Will I be under any sort of obligations or contract if I sign up?

No. There are no strings attached, and you will not be under any obligation.

What will you do with my email?

We will not share your email with anyone else without your explicit consent, and we will keep your information completely confidential. We would like to send you update notices when vendors are added or changed, as we are always working on adding more discount partners to bring our members the most value for their membership. We would also send you occasional special promotions offered by our discount partners. We don't want to send you anything you're not interested in, and you can change your mail preferences at any time. We also email your temporary membership card so you can start saving immediately.

Why do you need my address?

We will be sending your membership card in the mail. We will never share this with anyone else.

What happens after the one-year?

It is entirely up to you if you want to renew! We will send an email informing you that your one-year is nearing expiration and you have the option to renew early at a discounted price.

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